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  • Kyle Ferguson

    Kyle Ferguson

    Software and cloud developer | en·tre·pre·neur | created nexmill.io

  • Brian Webb

    Brian Webb

    Software engineer, bootstrapper and leadership geek. CTO @ Generation Tux, founder of backups SaaS Ottomatik.io and consulting CTO for businesses of all sizes.

  • Nicolas Grekas

    Nicolas Grekas

    Loves clean architecture, best performance, fast CI, great developer experience. Shipping as Symfony core team member, Blackfire.io CTO, ESPCI Alumni.

  • Scott Arciszewski

    Scott Arciszewski

    Residing at the intersection of PHP, security, cryptography, and open source software. @ParagonIE

  • Nils Adermann

    Nils Adermann

    Co-Founder of Packagist Conductors & Creator of Composer for PHP

  • Jason Fried

    Jason Fried

    Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Co-author of Getting Real, Remote, and REWORK. http://basecamp.com

  • Barry vd. Heuvel

    Barry vd. Heuvel

    Webdeveloper from the Netherlands, mostly focused on PHP. Co-founder and lead developer @ Fruitcake.nl

  • Jack McDade

    Jack McDade

    Founder of Statamic and Wilderborn. Fully grown human being. Small business owner, consultant, designer, developer, prolific reader.

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