Forge: Bitbucket API v2 Changes

Beginning tomorrow, Forge will begin using Bitbucket’s 2.0 API by default, since the 1.0 API will be removed from service at the end of this year.

Bitbucket’s 2.0 API does not have feature parity with their old API; therefore, after creating new servers, you will need to manually add the server’s SSH key to your Bitbucket account.

Unfortunately, Bitbucket does not allow adding SSH keys to a user’s account using an OAuth2 access token — they may only be added using the password, “apppassword”, and session authentication methods. When installing a Bitbucket repository onto your Forge server, Forge will display the SSH key that you will need to add to your Bitbucket account:

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this causes and hope that Bitbucket will allow adding SSH keys to a user’s account via OAuth tokens in the future.

Creator of Laravel.

Creator of Laravel.