Forge: DigitalOcean API Tokens / Teams

Taylor Otwell
Feb 21, 2018 · 1 min read

Today we are tweaking how Forge integrates with DigitalOcean. Of course, all existing DigitalOcean accounts on Forge will continue to work normally.

Previously, when connecting your DigitalOcean account to Forge, you would be redirected to DigitalOcean via OAuth. Beginning today, we are simply accepting API / personal access tokens directly:

By accepting API tokens directly, you to have more control over which DigitalOcean team your servers are created for. This was not possible using the OAuth flow that was previously implemented. Tokens may easily be created via the “API” portion of your DigitalOcean dashboard:

If you don’t have a Forge account, now is a great time to sign up. Forge allows you to painlessly create and manage PHP 7.2 servers which include MySQL, Redis, Memcached, and everything else you need to run robust, modern Laravel applications.

Taylor Otwell

Written by

Creator of Laravel.

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