Laravel Partners

Today I’m excited to launch the new Partners section of the Laravel website. This new group of pages showcases our first Laravel partners: Vehikl and Tighten Co.

Not only do these two companies financially support Laravel development, but provide top-notch Laravel development and consulting services. In addition, I have personally met the founders of both of these companies on several occasions and would heartily recommend either of them to family or friends.

Over the last year, I have sought out various developers from both of these companies for guidance and advice about the Laravel project itself. I know they hire the best of the best, and that’s why I reached out to them personally to come on board as the first participants in this program.

Over the coming months, I hope to grow our Laravel Partners with a few more trusted companies I can recommend to the Laravel community as providing best-in-class Laravel development and guidance.

To read more about both of these partners, check out the new Partners section of the Laravel website.

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