Laravel’s New Team Member: Dries Vints

Laravel’s first employee, Mohamed Said, joined the team over two years ago. Last month we added our second employee: Dries Vints. Dries has been a part of the Laravel community for a very long time — as long as I can remember.

For now, Dries is going to be serving as Laravel’s “open source liaison”. This means his primary focus is on the open-source aspects of Laravel, including all of its open source repositories. You may have already noticed his presence on the various GitHub Issue boards for the various projects!

I’m sure Dries will eventually work on other projects within the Laravel world, such as Forge, Spark, or Nova — but for now I’m glad to have someone dedicated fully to making sure our open-source repositories stay healthy.

Of course, I’m still 100% responsible for managing all Pull Requests across the Laravel organization, while Mohamed has been focusing on Forge, Envoyer, Spark, and R&D.

Welcome to the team, Dries!

Creator of Laravel.

Creator of Laravel.