Spark 6.0 Is Now Available

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Spark 6.0. Spark is a project that is very special to me, as it represents one of the core visions of Laravel: making it enjoyable for someone to build their dreams. When you have your next big idea, Spark saves you weeks of work building billing / subscription scaffolding. Focus on what matters most: your idea, not boilerplate.

This the major truly major upgrade of Spark since it was initially released and introduces several highly requested features.

To dig right in, visit the Spark website and documentation.

Per Seat Pricing

Spark’s new per seat pricing allows you to charge users per team, teams per team member, or charge users / teams per a custom metric (such as projects created, etc.). This gives you much more flexibility and power when billing your users and will save you many hours of work when launching your SaaS.

When using per-seat pricing and charging users per team or teams per member, Stripe subscription quantities are automatically managed for you, allowing you to focus on building your application.


You may now easily translate Spark into your preferred language using Laravel language files! For example, here is a screenshot of Spark running a full Arabic translation, including a right-to-left layout:

Bootstrap 4 / Refreshed, Beautiful UI

Spark 6.0 introduces a refreshed UI designed by Laravel’s in-house designer Steve Schoger. In addition, the underlying Bootstrap CSS has been upgraded to the latest Bootstrap 4 release, which includes support for Flexbox and more. In addition, Stripe.js 3.0 and Stripe Elements are now used to collect payment information:

Latest Laravel

Of course, Spark 6.0 is built on top of Laravel 5.6, the latest release of the Laravel framework.

Spark Series Explanation

Spark 6.0 is a major upgrade. As such, it requires a license upgrade. Customers that purchased Spark on or after Black Friday 2017 (November 24) will receive Spark 6.0 for free.

All other existing customers receive a 50% discount on license upgrades. For new customers, Spark 6.0 retains the same pricing as previous releases of Spark.

Spark 6.0 is contained within a new GitHub repository and has received the series code name “Aurelius”. From now on, each paid upgrade of Spark will receive a new series code name based on a philosopher. These names make it easier to separate the Spark version numbers from the actual paid, major releases of Spark.


I would like to thank Mohamed Said for his leadership and direction in taking Spark to 6.0. We both hope you enjoy using Spark 6.0 to build your next business.