Shootings Need to Stop

In 2013, the FBI reported 900 mass killings and shootings since 1996. We hear of some but most go unnoticed and unreported by the news. Since I can remember, such events have been part of our generation. There was the shooting at Colombine High School in 1999. The Aurora, Colorado Theater massacre in July 2012 followed by the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012. A Tennessee theater was the site of another shooting and, as I write this, another shooting in San Berdandino, California.

It is not the occurrence of the mass shootings or massacres which seem to surprise me but the almost commonplace nature of the events. It seems that our generation has become accepting that these things happen. How many times are we going to see news coverage of people looking and texting frantically to see if their loved ones are alive. The cameras focusing in on the anguish and distress on their faces. How many sheet draped bodies lying on floors and streets can we count? How many small white caskets and flag draped caskets need to be carried into churches before it stops? How much yellow tape do we need to see or memorials with teddy bears, candles, balloons and flowers in remembrance of those lost? How many candlelight vigils must be endured until we finally decide not to be complacent and do something about it.

I am guilty of being complacent, almost accepting that such events are bound to happen. It has been a part of my life. Ok. People snap. Guns get in the wrong hands. But, I need to get involved and act. I get busy in my life and if it does not affect me, then, it is just a passing thought. There are organizations that work tirelessly to combat these problems, calling on government to control guns and pass funding to address mental and emotional problems. And, organizations such as GunFree Kids and Moms Demand Action are examples of people who will not stand idle and watch one more body covered in a sheet die in vain because it is what it is. These organizations need to be applauded. I guess I just want to say thank you for acting, trying to protect me while I think and try to figure things out on the sidelines.