Elevating Your Email Reach #SocialChat

Tonight I had the pleasure of engaging in what I thought was my first Twitter chat but in hindsight I had been engaging in Twitter chats since I joined in 2012. A Twitter chat is simply a group of tweeters talking about the same topic using the same hashtag. I’ve done this for celebrities, award shows and tragic incidents in the pass. Anyways, I really enjoyed this professional Twitter chat using the #SocialChat hashtag. It was led by Alan K’necht (@aknecht) and Michelle StinsonRoss (@MStinsonRoss).

The chat was entitled “Email markeing for the holidays and every day” and explained how to elevate email reach. There was a total of 6 questions asked throughout the hour:

  1. What kind of strategies work best during the holidays? The responses to this question ranged from tapping into nostalgia, excitement and emotion.
  2. What are some best practices for email subject lines? I chimed in on this response and stating “I like email subjects that are very descriptive. Maybe about a sentence long”.
  3. What content works best in emails to drive conversions? Two words: Customized Content
  4. How does email automation help businesses? The conversation took a turn into metrics after this question as email automation is a way for us to gauge traction.
  5. What email platforms work best? I think Tweeter @LaurenalexisA said it best “It varies depending on the goals, needs and budgets of each business. #SocialChat
  6. What are some practices for email in general? PROOFREAD before you press SEND.

The highlight of the conversation were the responses to my question “What advice would you give an aspiring Communication/Social Media Manager?” (I have listed the responses below)

“Advice, learn from others, but test for yourself. What works for one doesn’t always work for the next #SocialChat@aknecht

“Follow and DM me and we can set up a time to talk :) #SocialChat” @MStinsonRoss

“Focus on yr audience: go where they R, listen to them, develop a community 4 them, provide value, be authentic #SocialChatChris Santiago

I am looking forward to engaging in more Twitter chats where I can connect with industry leaders and those who are willing to steer me in the right direction to be a future Social Media Manager.

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