Illustration by Janice Chang

Storytelling has woven itself into every aspect of human history. Whether this is oral storytelling, cave paintings, movies, written novels, or even just a story you tell your friend, we constantly communicate and navigate the world through stories.

Whether you recognize that you’re a storyteller or not, we’re all raised and trained as them. The question is, are you designing as one?

I believe design is a story enveloped in a product. …

As humans, we are emotionally complex. As we move about our everyday lives, we do much more than just objectively perceive the world around us. Instead, nearly everything we are perceiving is accompanied by an emotional response. When I hear my alarm in the morning, I don’t just hear a series of sounds but, additionally, I feel alert or maybe even sad (if it’s an early morning). Or, when I see the checklist of requirements turn green as I create an ever-so complicated password, I don’t just see green text. …

When we think of the term “creativity”, we often associate it with other phrases like “free form”, “spontaneous”, and maybe even picture artwork or bright colors. This is no surprise considering much of American primary education associates the word “creative” with subjects such as art or writing as opposed to math or science. We grow up thinking our creative peers are those that can replicate a drawing the best or craft a compelling narrative. And while those are undoubtedly examples of creativity, I’d argue that that is all they are, examples. However, they’re not definitions of it. …

Taylor Seamans

Taylor is a UI/UX Developer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise passionate about creating accessible web experiences. She is intrigued by neuroscience and design.

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