Recap 002

February 2017 Update

Finding MY Purpose

It’s been five years since we’ve started Striv. As I look back on the journey it’s been fun to put together the story. A story that will continue…

I’ve discovered my love for working with schools, administrators, teachers and students. Listening and providing them with solutions and services that help them further their goals and missions has been extremely rewarding. Most of all, helping students get new opportunities that they didn’t have before is what drives myself and our team.

Through all of this I’ve realized that I love helping schools share stories in a unique way. Schools have so many stories to share and I believe we have just hit the tip of the iceberg. The beautiful part about working with schools is that the story never ends it just changes characters (students). Those characters are the heroes.

The ability for students to share stories from their prospective and learn how to create purposeful content is the future.

How does a school create that type of learning culture?

That’s my purpose.

I’m so excited to see what the next five years brings as we continue to build solutions for schools across the country!

Workout Update

It’s been a full month using my Apple Nike+ Watch. With 28 days this month and I’ve logged 65 total workouts which ranges from running, walking, Quick 7 app, cycling, and even tennis!

The fun stats are those 65 workouts total 14:05:29 and 4,682 calories burned. On average it’s a 13:12 minute workout with 73 calories burned.

March will probably the most challenging month to ‘workout’ everyday. I will be at State Basketball for six days and then traveling to Phoenix and skiing with the family later in the month. Look forward to reporting my progress!

Thanks for caring enough to read.