Topics of conversation with my mom

I called my mom on a Tuesday at 6:40 PM (CST). It had been 26 days since our last phone conversation. We talked for approximately 27 minutes. This is what our conversation entailed:

  1. My sister and her fiancée’s recent visit home
  2. How she was just wondering if I was planning on coming home to visit sometime soon
  3. A recent 4-mile walk she took and how afterwards her legs were “feeling the burn”
  4. (A silent reminder to myself to tweet about how I thought she said “feeling the Bern,” which made my heart jump in excitement until I realized we were still talking about her legs)
  5. Updates on current and ongoing health issues and weight loss
  6. My upcoming plans to watch my boyfriend’s band play three shows with rock music heroes Bob Mould, Jon Wurster, and Jason Narducy
  7. Whether my boyfriend was serious about his music and if that’s “what he really wants to do full-time” and how Bob Mould can even do it at that age
  8. “That new series” that I got her “hooked on” and how the Averys just seem like nice people
  9. How nice that lawyer is
  10. Complaints to her boyfriend that he put zucchini in these salads and she “even had some cucumber cut up in the fridge”

“Well I’ll let you go,” she said, “so I’m not munching in your ear. Be safe, love you.”

I didn’t even get to tell her the reason I called.