The Two-Lettered Beast

Considering things that cause us grueling pain, pain that cuts down to the bone and leaves us with emotional scars, it all revolves around the word “No”. In every aspect of our lives, we are susceptible to such an ugly word, it can even come from ourselves. When we face rejection, we are staring right in the eyes of our biggest fear and the remarkable thing about it, is the fact that we all respond differently to it.

I have this friend, great husband, great father, an all-around great guy. He wanted to start a business, he saw that his wife was succeeding very well in life and he thought that he should try to create something for himself. He was pretty good around tools and had some experience building decks, so since he knew that his good friend Taylor (me, of course) could help him advertise his new business he went ahead and obtained an LLC and insurance. He was ready to go and I started to bring him leads. After three or four weeks went by and I had brought him around 15 leads, I asked him how the decks were going because surely with that many opportunities he was easily going to have sold 1 or 2 of them. He told me that he hadn’t closed any of the leads.

I was shocked, and I asked him if my leads weren’t any good and he responded with……

“I wouldn’t know.”

After a little bit of dialogue, we uncovered that he was too nervous to pursue the leads in fear of being told “No”. So, within a month of his new business venture, it had been uncovered that he might not be in the right situation, and that he would need someone to go and make the sale for him so that he can do what he does best, build decks.

Avoiding rejection, or working around it rather, is very common anymore. There is a tremendous amount of untapped potential hiding behind the two-lettered beast, engineered by fear.

I hate admitting my faults, but for the first two years of owning my business, I had done such a small amount of business, that it wasn’t even taxable. I knew that I wanted to start ThinkFrenzy, I knew that I was more than capable of doing great work, but what I didn’t know……. Was myself. When running a business, psychology is truly what determines whether you are a sheep, or a lion.

I found out that I functioned like a child on a bike ride. When things were going my way and the path was kind, I would stay on that bike and enjoy the ride. But, as rejection stormed in, as though, trying to ride my bike up a steep hill, instead of peddling through it, I just jumped off the bike and walked it up the hill. I will admit, I was a sheep, I let my circumstances get the best of me and gave up too quickly. The slippery slope effect is just as dangerous as avoiding rejection completely.

I suppose this is the part where I tell you that I have the solution to overcoming rejection…….

I do, but you might be disappointed. The truth is, STOP BEING SUCH A COWARD. The word “No” should piss you off, it should fuel you, it should make you giggle inside because you know that they just made the worst decision of their lives. You are the best at what you do, whether it is business, love, or anything in between. Believe the words that you speak, your actions will prove everything that they need to know and just keep pushing forward. You have this one chance to accomplish something amazing, so do it.