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Amazing that many Americans still support this egotistical monster. What can they be thinking? The man is a sociopath and a belligerent bully. Essentially a coward. Where John McCain went to serve in Vietnam, Trump, who went to a military academy, suddenly developed bone spurs on his feet and got deferments.

What is the matter with this country? After a years’ long campaign, Trump is the choice?? The only justification of such a long road to the election is that you need to make a considered choice. Coming up with Trump is ridiculous, given how long the process took and how awful he revealed himself to be.

His relations with autocrats and racists should have disqualified him. His attacks on the press should have disqualified him. His thin skinned attacks on others should have disqualified him. His willingness to assault women should have disqualified him.

Now look at him. America is lost for the next four years.

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