Americans complain about a lot of things, including Mexico and the Middle East. They pretty well ignore everyone else as not important to them.

Why do they complain about Mexico? Mexicans have the audacity to want to move to America for jobs and a better life. Americans, white Americans, feel overwhelmed by Mexican immigration and want them out of the country.

Mexico is not as successful as the US and it has suffered from poor governance for generations. As a former Spanish colony, it had to fight its way out of Spain’s embrace and then it faced the US. Mexico once owned a huge amount of what is now America: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, parts of Colorado, Wyoming. Imagine the US without that land.

Better yet, imagine the US if it had split up in the Civil War. It would be a much different country and it would have a very different ethos. It is unlikely to have remained a stable republic. It might have ended up with a whole series of Donald Trumps, rather than waiting until it had entered its dotage to elect him, as it has now. Mexico, having been screwed out of very rich lands by America, was left to get on with it, while Americans complain about their poor neighbours to the south.

America had tried to do the same to its northern neighbour, Canada. It attacked Canada in 1812, wanting to take over the country and add what it wanted to the US, just as it later did to Mexico. The difference is that the Canadians and British fought back, defeated the American army several times and burnt the White House after taking Washington. In typical style, Americans turned the defeat into victory when Andrew Jackson defeated a British force outside New Orleans, AFTER a peace agreement had been reached between the US and Britain prior to the battle. Having won one battle, Jackson, like his braggart successor Trump, rode the victory to the Presidency. Frustrated in going north, the Americans later decided to attack Mexico.

In depriving Mexico of its northern lands, especially California, America condemned Mexico to decades of turmoil. Mexicans flooded north to take advantage of the economic opportunities in the US. Now America seeks to hobble Mexico of industry and employment by depriving it of the particular advantages it has: lower costs in labour and land.

America’s moron of a president has decreed that all trade agreements must favour America, so any chance countries have of negotiating favourable terms is gone. To the extent that a country works hard within a trade framework to better itself, then America will declare the agreement null and void if it no longer serves American interests. America has become a juvenile, complaining and moaning that everybody hates it when it does not get its way, or when things do not continue to go its way. It has a juvenile president to govern a juvenile electorate.

America has also destroyed Mexico by declaring a “war on drugs”, the longest and most unsuccessful war America has ever engaged in. It has outlawed otherwise lawful consumption of drugs to makes criminals out of many of its otherwise lawful citizens. It has also turned Mexico into a narco state. Mexicans have understandably tried to fill the needs of American drug dealers. In doing so, they have created a failing state as decades of drug dealers have created a state within a state. America is responsible for this, just as it is for eviscerating the Mexican state in the earlier 19th century.

So as Mexicans migrate to their ancestral lands seeking work, Americans ungenerously deny them a legal way of doing it. Having screwed Mexico, they continue to do so now.

And then there is the Middle East.

America has, like the British, needed oil from the Middle East for generations. It has supported disgracefully corrupt governments, and has engaged in the euphemism of “regime change”. Then, in the 1990s, it attacked Iraq and, subsequently, went bananas after the tragedy of 2001. America has consistently destabilized the countries in the area, through its desire for oils relations, its support for a version of Christianity that means a Jewish state must exist in Palestine in order for Armageddon to occur, and revenge for the intolerable affront of bringing war to America.

By attacking Iraq twice, especially the second time, with no plan for after the inevitable fall of the Hussein regime, and insufficient resources to deal with virtually any result, America stirred the incipient ruptures within Islam, leading to the current mood of hatred, killing and terrorism throughout the Muslim world.

America has managed to create the conditions in which turmoil is overwhelming the Arab world, and it then elects a moron for a president whose main point is to stop Arabs being admitted to the US. That means that those suffering from the Syrian rebellion are denied entry by the country which caused the problem in the first place. Americans, mostly having a hissy fit about the changing world, largely caused by them, want to deny anyone entry to the US who is not white, Anglo-saxon, and church-going in some way (as long as it is not Muslim).

America is a problem country. It creates messes everywhere and leaves others to clean them up. It does not accept responsibility for what it has done and elects a man as its leader who lives in a fantasy world of braggart nonsense that he convinces the country to live in as well.

America has made itself into a bully. It has ruined, or tried to ruin the countries around it. Then it blames others for the problems this has caused. It should grow up.