If the Russians Successfully Altered the Outcome of the 2016 Election, Why did Hillary Clinton win…

And all this thievery and skullduggery by the Stupid Party (aka the Sneaky Party or the Republicans) has resulted in Trumpery becoming normalized. This morning, I saw a notice that condemned, days too late, the killings in Kansas. It was from the “White House”. When those words showed up over the last 8 years, I knew they came from an organization that was intelligent, honorable, thoughtful and deserving of respect. Now, I see those words and know they come from a group that is petty, vindictive, disgraceful, racist, bigoted, nasty and deeply, deeply stupid. I have no respect for the White House or for what it says.

America has gone from being esteemed to being mocked; from being looked up to to being looked down upon; from being envied to being pitied. Deservedly so.

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