As Trump’s complete unsuitability for the presidency of a serious country becomes ever clearer, what are his supporters thinking. Are they still clinging to the infamous “I just hated Hillary Clinton” line? Those people say they couldn’t stand Clinton. Okay. But they could stand Trump??!! After all that Trump said on the campaign trail, they could still vote for that moron??

Voters speaking that way seem to have thought they were voting for the head of the local PTA, when likes or dislikes might not matter too much. That they allowed their personal likes and dislikes dictate a vote for an obviously unsuitable candidate FOR THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY over a very qualified one is an indictment of their ability to think straight.

Now that Trump is collapsing into the puddle of dog pee he is in reality, I wonder what his supporters are really thinking. All the veterans who value heroism, but who voted for a coward. All the unemployed who voted for a man who was going to get them their jobs back, but has no idea how to do so. All those wanting him to enhance their health care, but who is wiping it out. All those people who thought Hillary Clinton did not understand the nature of classified intelligence, but it turns out Trump is much worse. All those voters who put their faith in a man who obviously did not deserve it. All those stupid people.

And it is leading to collapse: of America’s status as a serious country; of America’s reputation of intelligent leadership; of American voters’ reputations as discerning participants in a vibrant democracy.