Deathly Trump

We are getting close to the Commander-in-Chief, a man that claimed five deferments for foot problems to avoid the Vietnam War, taking the US and the whole damn world, into a hot war with North Korea. We have gone from Obama’s intelligent “strategic patience” to Trump’s “fire and fury” threats. While Obama may have kept the US out of Syria when he arguably should have gone in, Trump is launching himself, and the US, into an adventure in North Korea that no one will win. It may be that Kim J-U will blink, but I don’t know that I would count on it.

We have in Trump is a man who is a coward and a thin-skinned narcissist, afraid of looking weak, in control of a vast nuclear arsenal. Some of Trump’s more aggressive supporters say that Trump’s unpredictability is an asset. It will frighten world leaders into submission, they say. But that scenario depends upon Trump having some strategic sense of what he is doing. He has no sense at all, let alone strategic sense.

So in the few months he has been in power, Trump has alienated the Europeans, the Mexicans, the Canadians, the Chinese and, against his wishes, the Russians. Others he has alienated by his sheer ignorance of them, including most African nations. He has now, critically, alienated the South Koreans, by, incredibly, threatening to cancel a trade agreement that commenced only a couple of years ago. Trumps’s reasoning, to the extent he can be said to have any, is that South Korea is making too much out of the agreement. The US has done very well as well, so both sides are doing well, ideal for an agreement of this nature.

But Trump’s simplistic, neo-nazi slogan, America First, cannot tolerate anyone else doing well from a trade agreement. As a result, at a time when South Korea is about to become a battleground in an actual war, this Moron-in-Chief, is trying to destroy the bonds between the two countries, by taking its critical ally to task over vague trade issues. What kind of idiot does that??

As the world totters towards mass death, carrying on its back the person of Trump, leading it on, Trump supporters continue to talk their idiot up and ignore the intractable problems they have created by voting as they did. America suffers in so many ways as a result. It is said the movie actor Dwayne Johnston, known as the “Rock”, a star of simplistic movies of good triumphing over bad, is considering whether he should run for President. While Mr. Johnson may be a good man, America seems to be developing into a country whose celebrity and entertainment-obsessed citizens will need to have name recognition before they will vote for that person. The Age of Lincoln, when serious citizens sat for hours as politicians of the left and right thrashed out issues of great moment in speeches and lectures of incredible length, is clearly long gone. It has been replaced by entertainment, that precludes citizens from thinking for themselves.

God, whoever she is, help us.