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How true this view of Trump is. America has embarrassed itself by electing this moron. In accepting his ludicrous promises, his blatant racism and nativism, his appalling boorishness, America has soiled itself. Americans also allowed him to say who he was without checking on him. He was allowed to hide his tax returns, which will likely show that he is not the billionaire he claims to be. His suspicious affection for Vladimir Putin has not been analyzed. His relations with Russia have still not been looked into.

The excuses used by the Trump voters as to why they voted for him really come down to sexism and self righteous nonsense from hypocrites who felt an experienced, intelligent, thoughtful woman could not measure up to a boorish, racist, deeply stupid, thin-skinned narcissist, with an orange tan, a very shady business career and absolutely no experience of elective office. They are still making excuses for him and will say, “At least he isn’t Hillary”, a remark that marks them out as the kind of men, and their tame female hangers-on, who think a woman could never do a man’s job. His supposedly righteous supporters ignore conflicts between his business interests and his duty as President that would have them rabidly calling for the jailing of Hillary Clinton, another aspect of the extreme hypocrisy of Trump supporters. They are the kind of white trash who think supposedly vast business interests are evidence of his intelligence, a huge mistake, and who see a brassy penthouse in New York as the height of sophistication.

These are people who care not that America’s reputation should be so badly damaged by simply electing a boorish moron, and cannot understand why that matters. They will still think of their declining country as the “Leader of the Free World”, even as it demonizes all Muslims, builds walls against its southern neighbours, promotes white supremacists and anti-Semites into positions of power in the counsels of the President, and invents lies to explain away inconvenient truths and hide them as “alternative facts”.

America is now just another country. The idea of “American Exceptionalism” is dead. The thought that the American President is to be looked up to and respected is laughable. The closest analogy to Trump is Silvio Berlusconi of Italy. Berlusconi drove Italy into the ground economically and his time as Prime Minister embarrassed the whole country. Trump will do the same to the US to the extent he is allowed to do so. Will Americans be less supine in dealing with Trump than Italians were with Berlusconi?

Trump’s promise to build a wall, a “beautiful wall” as he so idiotically put it, is proving to be a problem. Republican politicians are questioning how much it will cost, realizing that America will have to pay for it, and that along with Trump’s promised infrastructure building and lowering of taxes, America will incur huge debts. But those politicians are the same people who sat by during the election and allowed Trump to make his ridiculous promises without contradiction. They wanted the moronic voters to elect them, no matter what Trump said, and now want to pose as financially intelligent stewards of the economy, having lied to get into office in the first place.

Trump and his acolytes do not deserve time or chances. They must be held to the law and its requirements. The alternative is collapse, both economic and moral.

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