I Met a Nazi on My Vacation
Baratunde Thurston

I am an aging white male and I found this article disturbing and outrageous. I can only imagine how a black man facing this blatant racism must have felt. I can also appreciate his anger at rudeness from others. I lived in Britain for a few years and their fusty class stupidity and snobbish rudeness toward my “colonial” accent always surprised me and angered me. I can only imagine how angry I would be if overlaid by the issue of skin colour.

The issue of the Moron in the White House, while relevant, does not explain how people think that rudeness, blatant racism, and complete insensitivity to others is acceptable. Trump was elected by people who knew he was stupid, biased, racist, vacuous, a sexual predator, and incapable of doing the job he was running for. But the voters’ appalling ignorance and affinity for Trump’s traits were there long before he began his campaign.