Allan Ishac

I think you wrote the piece about the White House butler. Not knowing anything about the man, including that he was dead(!), I thought it was real. I should have realized my error immediately and it was my own damn fault, not yours. The tofu in the taco is hilarious. It was very well-written and I enjoy it even more now. Many people, some not that politely, pointed out my error.

But the article in question, about a leaked audiotape, was pretty obviously satire. That one I got. It could be that the satire warning article is satire as well, though i don’t think so.

To me, real satire does attempt to be as realistic as possible in order to get us to think of it as real, at least to some extent, in order to provide contrast to our daily reality. Gulliver’s Travels were famously thought real until people gradually got the point.

Too many “It’s Satire” signs will just distract from the experience. Or am i just being silly again??

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