Trump did not win the election by the people’s vote. Hillary won the ‘popular vote’.
Sapere Aude

I understand the role of the Electoral College, and i agree with you it is time for it to go. It is obviously not doing its intended job of preventing an unsuitable candidate becoming President, given that Trump is actually in office.

And while America does not directly elect the President, the Electoral College voters know which way their state has gone by the time the E C votes, so it is reasonably demonstrative of each state’s views. The problem I have is that a state with a huge population like California or New York, cannot have the full impact of its numbers because of the Electoral College.

The system as it is now prevents a voter in California or New York having her or his vote count as much as some voter from a smaller mid Western state with a good number of Electoral College votes.

If i were running a banana republic somewhere and wanted continued aid from western countries, i would create an Electoral College to manipulate the results. Then I would appeal to the US to back me up.

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