That Trump guy

What a week! Trump just keeps firing people and denigrating others. Can his end be far off?

In the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland arguing that disgust with the disgusting Mr. Trump has to be shaped into policies that can defeat these morons. I agree wholeheartedly. With Trumps’s support still up high enough to cause worry, we cannot count on American voters to act intelligently. His supporters are not only morons, they are also people who lack integrity, who are racist, who are self-satisfied, like things the way they are, and are the kind of people who supported Lindbergh and Hitler in the 1930's. America First, indeed.

Surely though, even the idiots who still support this banana must see how appallingly badly he is doing? My fear is that he will do something that is not absolutely stupid and will be hailed for finally being “presidential”. He might make a speech to a children’s group that isn’t a soliloquy about himself, he might stop calling other people names, he might stop tweeting, he might stop being a complete moron. His supporters, a very stupid group, would take any improvement and use it to tout him as intelligent and a “leader”. He should just continue being himself and the rest of us should ensure that there is an intelligent candidate that can confront Mr. Stupid in three and a half years.

But, you’re right! We had that this time! Hillary Clinton was running. She was clearly smarter, better prepared, more knowledgeable and streets ahead of him for intelligence. But the vote turned into one for eighth grade class president. It was all about whom you liked, not who was competent and would do a good job. Trump, promising all things to all people, won by lying. Americans got the government they deserved and have lost their reputations for intelligence and probity in the world as a result.