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The combination of “religious faith and moral absolutes” is scary to me. I am not religious, but am interested in religions and the way ancient texts can lead people to the most amazingly stupid conclusions today.

The “moral absolutes” of Islamists, guided by their “religious faith” leads them to kill anyone who does not share and accept totally their ideas of the right way to live. Moral absolutes are dangerous things in and of themselves, because my moral absolute may not be yours. When those moral absolutes are guided by religious faith and fervour, they create division and hatred between groups.

If you believe you are right about these issues and i refuse to agree and to act as you want, how far does religious faith say you will go to convince me of the rightness of your moral absolutes, or what you will do to force me to accept them? This is not an idle question. A person armed with both religious faith and moral absolutes is willing to do things that I would never consider to achieve their aims. When combined with large amounts of money, then it becomes not just fanaticism, but dangerous fanaticism. Osama Bin Laden was the heir to a large construction fortune. The combination of his wealth, religious faith and moral absolutes led to 9/11. What will Betsy de Vos’s combination of wealth, religious faith and moral absolutes lead to?

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