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The double standard continues. The FBI, which famously disclosed a reopening of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails a week before the election, only to say there was nothing new, will say nothing about Trump and these allegations, which have evidently been around for months. The FBI is right not to comment, but that does not wash when they commented on Mrs. Clinton at a critical time in the election.

If the information is even partly true, then America has elected a traitor, as well as a bully, a racist, a sexual predator, a moron, and a really lousy businessman. Trump supporters will be reluctant to admit anything about “their guy”, because they have a lot invested in him. Republicans in Washington will be disgusted only in that they may have some toys taken away.

Does Pence, a moralizing maniac, take over? He could be worse than Trump. What an unholy mess…and all because Americans could not make the obvious intelligent choice between the very competent and experienced Hillary Clinton and a brutally unqualified and appallingly narcissistic Trump.

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