The Trump Effect

With Harvey hitting Texas, I want to sympathize and help people at the mercy of nature. Texas, though, is one of those places I just do not understand. A state of out-sized egos, extreme opinions, religiosity, and Trump supporters. These are not my people and it grieves me. Increasingly, I find less and less to respect with Trump and his “base support”. How accurate. They are base. they are deplorable: the rich ones and the poor ones. All united, it seems, in, dislike of those who are not like them.

So the effect Trump has had is to create division and hatred. But this is earned. He has done it, his supporters have done it. Their combined efforts have made America a less attractive place, a less accepting place, not America but a pale facsimile of what was. It is a place of division and hatred. It has reverted to the late nineteenth century, to the 1920s, when America was full of hatreds against others. Trump, an intensely stupid man, has revived the hatreds he knows nothing of historically, but that he likes just because of the stupid limited vision of his view of the world.

How can humanity not dislike Trump? Reasonable people are not those who voted for Trump. And they are certainly not those who support him now. America is appalling right now. It cannot go on.