Trump has done so much so badly as president, and I still cannot stand to think that he actually holds that august office, that it is incredible to read that many Republicans, aka the Stupid Party, still support him. He picks fights that are just silly, he surrounds himself with generals, even though he is a coward, which needs control of important policy matters to the Pentagon, he still uses twitter as though he does not have a communications office.

There is shock and consternation that he was rude to another dead soldier’s wife. Why are we surprised?? He was very rude during the election campaign to the parents of a soldier killed on active service, so-called Gold Star parents. He denigrated them and veterans still supported him. There are no consequences in America anymore. So long as you promise money or jobs to voters, you can buy them off, no matter what the issue.

When Trump lectured John McCain on heroism, saying he liked heroes who did not get caught, I thought surely he had gone too far, even for people as stupids as his supporters. But no, they backed him, even though Americans almost fetishize the military these days.

His lack of control and stupidity show up every day. This is just another predictable example.

Trump supporters deserve no respect. Nor does Trump. He is a moron. So are they.