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Trump has demonstrated again and again his incompetence, ignorance, nastiness, and deep stupidity, both before and after the election. Yet he still won office, because enough people did not care for character, competence, experience , and intelligence. They did not vote for Hillary Clinton because the “did not like her” or they “ hated her”, as though they were voting for a prom Queen and not the President of a country who entrusted the occupier of that position with nuclear codes.

Americans who voted for this moron are themselves deeply stupid, thinking “it would be okay”. Just making him a candidate diminished America’s standing in the world. Electing him as President, has made America a laughingstock; but it had a salutary effect: in the Dutch and French elections, appalled at the idiot in the White House, and realizing that they were on their own, the electorates in each country elected the intelligent candidate for their own countries.

Realizing that elections matter may be the best thing Trump gives the world. If you leave it to the neighbours, if you don’t think, if you vote in a fit of pique, you can end up with a moron. Now Trump is a particularly moronic moron, but he is a result of a stupid electorate and an unnecessarily complex election system.

So THINK, don’t believe nonsense, demand the truth, reject obviously made up stories, recognize that repetition of lies does not make them true, don’t place faith in politicians, rather, demand the truth and LISTEN.

And read On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder.

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