The man with the ridiculous hair now, after his European trip, seems to want to be a world leader. Having campaigned on the basis of America First (good fascist slogan), no free trade, anti trade agreement, anti foreigner, Trump and his entourage of idiots and entitled boobs, such as his daughter, stepson, and other minions, seem to think they have the right to take their place at the head of the world queue. They now want to tell everyone else to do.

Thankfully, both Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron seem to reject the asinine American leaders who know so little and assume so much. Neither European leader has accepted the American right to lead and Trump may find that he has succeeded, against his expectations, in making the US the minor country that its electors, by electing the current moron, seem to want it to be.

Having met many Trump supporters, I can only hope that their level of world knowledge and perception of kindness to others (health care, income assistance), is not representative of the American electorate as a whole. Americans are not the leaders we think we are. Our perceptions of assistance are based on an outdated notion of personal work being the thing that will help everyone rise. It is based on the idea that America produces goods and the rest of the world consumes them. Trump’s promise to revive dead industries so that his poorly educated followers can go back to making simple things for simple consumers is not a model that will sustain his country. Yet he now wants to lead the world into his own brave new version of it.

Americans, having created the mess of their leadership as it now exists, can not expect the world to give it the respect it has been able to assume since WWII. America can only have preeminence if it earns it. The world wants intelligence in America’s leadership, to give it that preeminence. America has failed the intelligence test and has brought forward a moron with a moronic administration, focussed on the “Trump brand” and “monetizing” its chances. He is a disgracefully ignorant man whose comments before the election would have disqualified him from higher office in any serious country. He illustrates his ignorance in any meeting he attends and his attempts to intimidate others by his ludicrous handshaking technique illustrates the stupid macho world he inhabits, with bits of fluff like Kelleyanne Conway sitting off to he side on the couch with her legs tucked up under her short dress, providing photo ops and distractions for foolish and distracted media.

America has made a choice. It chose an offensive moron for a leader and it cannot undo its choice. It is no longer the leader of the free world, as it could once have claimed to be. if Trump tries to force that position on other world leaders of integrity, they must push back and reject him.