White Supremacy is White America’s Legacy and Our Responsibility to Defeat
Jack Daly

What a great article! It identifies the issues clearly and comes up with solutions that we must accept and do. I see my children, now in their late and early twenties who seem not to be affected by racism at all, but neither they, nor anyone else, is immune from those feelings.

I have always found for myself, when I have a negative reaction to a group wearing burqas, turbans, who have different coloured skin, or speak a different language from me, I remind myself that I must look at them as individuals. In any group, some people are nice, some are nasty, but they are separate individuals. For me, that is the secret. I think most people think that way.

For example, during the recent Presidential campaign, a Muslim American working for a tv station went to a Trump rally. The attendees were calling for Muslims to be banned and watched, because they were “terrorists”. But when he, very polite and presentable, told individual Trump supporters that he and his family could be banned even though they were not terrorists, they were quick to give him a hug. They invariably said they wanted to ban terrorists, not “people like him”. How they were going to tell the difference is unclear, but reduce the group of “Muslims” to individuals, and the natural decency of most Americans will come through. This may not be true of true bigots like the Charlottesville white nationalists or President Trump, but it is of almost all non-ideological people, especially when they meet the individuals in the groups of which they are complaining.