Creative Writing Activities for Undergraduate Students

Creative Writing

Creative writing requires proper choices when working with ideas. Students learn the art of generating and sorting ideas and how to use them in creative writing exercises. The various creative writing exercises are as follows:

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an important activity in creative writing and involves changing the received knowledge to an analyzed format of content. The process can be internal through thinking that involves non-verbal sorting, comparing, speculating, applying, and dissecting ideas for a purposive writing. It is a process of sorting out ideas into a complex and logical interpretation of content. A student develops a deeper understanding of material and begins to create relationships between them.

2. Organizing

Organizing is a process of decision-making that is important in developing coherent ideas. The students choose the ideas that appeal them, are coherent, and those require further exploration.

3. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important aspect of creative writing since it allow students to re-examine and organize ideas for intended creative writing exercise. In many instances, critical thinking is crucial in fine-tuning ideas to align the topic of discussion. As such, students should critically think before selecting topic and also composing a final draft of their essay.

4. Drafting

Drafting is a process of composing creative writing paper for the first time as a summary of understanding material. The draft acts like a driving force for final paper that should be devoid of errors and also authentic in delivering the intended message. Students have ideas but find it challenging to get them on board. The draft helps to clarify all questions about the assigned work. The draft is essential in highlighting the problems in composing the final essay and fixing them accordingly.

5. Revising before submitting the work

Students use different words to inform their ideas and have the desire to test their ideas above their thinking. They can have some ideas that appear good to use but may confuse the reader of the creative piece of writing. Thus, after students complete the draft of a paper, it is needful of them to share their ideas with others for assessment. A student gets feedback from others and is able to make the necessary corrections before finalizing the draft paper. The changes can be in form of word choice, sentence structure and organization, the flow of ideas, evidence, and the tone of the paper. Sometimes it is challenging to revise a paper, but it helps to clarify and streamline the ideas discussed. Thus, revising should be a priority in creative writing since it helps to reconsider some aspects of the paper.

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