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Illustration by Andreea Mica.

Whether you are a child dreaming of a game that will change the world or a seasoned designer with a revolutionary app concept, the capacity of our ideas is near infinite. Unfortunately, somewhere between putting the pen down to a page to the final solution, our vision at best will inevitably change to user or stakeholder feedback, and at worst becomes a Frankenstein monster, forever trapped in endless feature creep. Products thrive or die on millions of micro-decisions directly and indirectly affecting your consumer, architecture, and team. How could we possibly manage this mountain of never ending challenges? Fear not! In this article you will learn a variety of practical tips and tricks to verify if your idea is feasible and identify what the “seed” of your idea needs to flourish. …


Taylor Childers

I am a Product Designer at Splunk and an Entrepreneur. I like to make cool ideas real.

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