• Purva Wagh

    Purva Wagh

    Design Student | History and Heritage Enthusiast

  • Eve Weinberg

    Eve Weinberg

    Present Futurist. UX Lead. Formerly at frog design. Currently at HackerOne. πŸŽ“: NYU’s ITP & WashU. πŸ’» www.work.evejweinberg.com

  • Stefan J Domzalski

    Stefan J Domzalski

    UX Designer & Front End Developer | Interested in behaviour change and sleep | currently live in Brighton, United Kingdom

  • Mozhdeh Tavakol

    Mozhdeh Tavakol

  • Meenal J

    Meenal J

  • Nikki Javech

    Nikki Javech

    UX/UI designer + fashion philosopher.

  • Carla Fischer

    Carla Fischer

    UX & UI designer to become βˆ™ Digital Transformation consultant βˆ™ Project Manager βˆ™ Part of @Ironhack family!

  • Pierre Pavlovic

    Pierre Pavlovic

    Engineer & UX Researcher based in Paris.

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