Blog #1: What programming means to me

To me programming means being connected with my dad. Ever since I can remember I have always been around computers. My dad being the Vice President of Digital Media at Oahu Publications I always talked with his workers who consisted of graphic designers and more. As I grew older my dad began teaching me something new each summer. At the age of nine I was taught how to maintain and manage a website by my dad. Then at the age of twelve my dad taught me how to build a website. In addition at my old school we did a lot in computer class such learning how to create a game which sparked my want to learn more about programming . Though as I got older I became busy with other things and was not able to continue to work with programming. Though I always wanted to try and find away to work more with technology because believe me it is not a thing to be proud of when your dad knows more about technology then you. Thankfully last year my dad met one of the co-founders of Dev-league where he found out about the program at our school and encouraged me to take. Seeing a way to connect with my dad and be able to explore more into the world of programming. Also in hopes in gaining more knowledge then my dad so that one day I can be the one teaching him.

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