Today I ran a mile in 8:30, unbroken. If you’re a runner, you’ll chuckle at that. I have not run a mile on purpose in well over 10 years.


I’ve told myself I’ll do many things in my life. Some get pushed off, some will happen eventually, some probably never will.

Amongst this list of things “I’ll do one day” — getting jacked was near the top.

If you know me personally, you’ll probably find this somewhat entertaining. Until May of this year, I’d spent a total of 0 hours in a gym since I was in high school. …

I post stuff on the socials about crypto. I talk about it at parties. I’m in weird telegram groups with 25 year old anonymous millionaires that throw insane amounts of money at untested projects. I’ve helped market ICOs, and I’ve made and lost money watching the crypto charts go up and down. At the same time, I’m not a die hard fanatic. I spend half my time thinking about crypto, and the other half working on completely unrelated projects. Most of my friends don’t own crypto or really even understand what the hell it’s all about. They see reports on…

Storytelling is the key to user adoption. Without better visions for a blockchain based future, we’re in trouble.

There is a rampant problem in the blockchain and crypto space: no one outside of the community has a clue what we’re talking about. Go check out Ethereum’s website. It’s a visually well designed website, but how many people in your life, outside those you know in crypto, would have any idea what the Ethereum network is actually capable of after reading that copy? …

Last Friday, the Omnicor team and our client WaterChain attended the StartEngine ICO2.0 Summit. It was a tour de force of commentary around the state of the ICO industry, with a heavy emphasis on how things are evolving in the face of regulation and upcoming Security Token Offerings.

Howard Marks, the CEO of Start Engine, has been outspoken on Medium and other channels in regards to the unregulated nature of the ICO market. As a result, StartEngine has been one of the firms leading the charge to bring about regulation in the marketplace, coining (pun definitely intended) what they call…

David Metzler is one of the most recent advisors to join WaterChain. He has an incredibly diverse background, and he lives his life and conducts business according to a simple yet beautiful set of standards. I’ve gotten to know David over the last few weeks since he’s joined the team, and we sat down to discuss his background and why he’s so passionate about WaterChain.

Taylor (WaterChain, Head of Communications): David, I’d love to learn more about your background and how you got to where you are today, working as an entrepreneur, investor, VC, and blockchain advisor.

David Metzler (WaterChain…

In January, StartEngine introduced the RATE — or Real Agreement for Tokens and Equity. This agreement basically combines the SAFT and the SAFE, and provides a very clear and legal path to fundraising millions for early stage blockchain ventures.

In the world of crypto and blockchain, the past 18 months have been a firestorm of growth, jargon, new funding structures and mechanisms, and very little clarity. Last May, Protocol Labs introduced the concept of the SAFT — or Simple Agreement for Future Tokens — to allow companies to, in theory, legally presell tokens.

The problem the SAFT approaches is how…

In the world of Blockchain, I constantly hear investors disregarding projects that aren’t protocols. If there isn’t an infrastructure play at hand, they’re not interested. And yet, for blockchain to really take hold, to grow like all of us in the community want it to, we need successful consumer products, things my mother can use and understand without needing to wrap her head around what the difference is between P-o-W or P-o-S.

The internet is a layered beast. Applications sit atop infrastructure consumers never see, and the beauty of most of the products we use today is that they just…

Over the last 30 days, I’ve sold or left behind most of my possessions, put the essentials of my life into a backpack and a carryon suitcase, and moved 5,000 miles away to Berlin. I’ll be here for the next 60–90 days. After that, I have no idea where I will go.

An observation tower near Oberbaumbrücke in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Five years ago, I moved to Tampa, FL from NYC. Before that, I’d lived in Scotland, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

I’m the first to admit, I’ve long sought out geographical changes to solve my problems. …

They even look the same…

After 14 days using the google Pixel, with much debate, I’ve switched back to the iPhone 7. Here’s my story of why I really wanted to love the Pixel, and why I ultimately just couldn’t hack it on Android.


I’ve used a mac since 2007, and after some angsty college years using a crackberry, I converted to the iPhone in 2011. Since 2012, I’ve been leading iOS design projects. Over the last two years, those projects have progressed into android projects, but I stuck by an iPhone as my primary device.

Leading android projects in comparison to working on…

“If you don’t give me $2?” The man asked.

I’d just walked out of my office in Downtown, Tampa at 10:30am on a sunny Monday morning. All I wanted was an iced coffee.

“What?” I said.

“What would you do if I said I was going to hit you in the head with a brick, if you don’t give me $2. Would you run?” He seems genuinely curious, like he’s not sure what I’ll actually do either.

“I don’t have any money man.” Normally, I try not to just brush homeless people off. I imagine the worst part of being…

Taylor Wallace

A wordsmith technologist wrapped in sounds and strung out on Chaucer. Cofounder @WeVue. Comms @omnicormedia. Peep for design and PM work.

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