The Name of Altruistic— Abdul Sattar Edhi

First i want to write Something about My experience after reading the book.In my school could not understand the True meaning of “charity begins at home”.but now i found the meaning.

Edhi Sab was a man with great visions to help others.His Visions were only to help others in every possible way.He was not a man to think about the cast,religion,sect and color.His mission was just to help others.

The Example that is related to me is about Taking small steps to achieve our goal. Edhi sab took small steps. First he helped others by giving them food,medicine and money.During this time his passion was urging him from inside to help others more and more. Edhi Sab started helping people in very early age and his passion was urging and he dream big and big and he never stop and dis-heart from the struggle.he never lose hope.he run for help others,he drive the ambulance and build his own dispensary to help people.He learned about medicines to help more specifically .

These were the small steps which that relates to me when i was learning my auto electrician work.i just start and now i am very much aware of every bike .i worked in shop without any wages,then i worked under a “Ustad” .then i worked on my own .i build a strong confident in me that i can do,it is no more difficult for me.i took small steps to have success in what i have started.

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