Need to be more responsible and Caring

When I started this activity I just send messages to my some friends , teachers and cousins. I send them all the same message “Hay! How are you? Whats going on? Only my 2 to 3 friends reply fast, some of them reply me after 1 hour and my cousins replied me after 1 day. And asking me is there everything ok. Everyone was shocked because I never send message anyone by my self, it always happened my cousins and friends messaged me and I just reply and start cheating. I asked my friend how are you he relied I’m good whats about you. I again replied good too whats going on? He relied nothing just searching for an internship and you, I replied him doing an internship and also join AMAL academy on weekends , then he asked me about AMAL is told him something which I know. From this activity the lesson which I learned is that how to interact with our peers group, family members and teachers and how they response us and how much they passionate or excited to reply us.According to the research Company of New York now I’ll share my personal opinion regarding this; When we talk to a person who is very dear to us feel very excited, satisfy and comfortable. But to know them either you are also important for them or not? I will told you my story, actually I feel very happy because I am feeling blessed that I have very beautiful, loving, caring and most interested friends. I feel it a great achievement for being a friend I am valuable for them. Because when I text them and asked about their activities and health, they replied and questioned about my health and studies. I learned their intentions and their excitement for us, and realize my importance as well as my negative points. Some of my friends and cousins repeated the old things which make me guilty, my mistakes and some of them make me embrace. I also realized I’m not important some of them who didn’t reply till now. Yeah! I realize that I really apply some lessons in real life like I should also reply them fast and show them also my excitement according to their message. I should reply them timely and response them. I should make myself more responsible and make myself more punctual. If you want other like you, if you want other love you, if you want other care you, if you want other respect you, if you want other value you, and if you want to develop a real friendship, if you want to help other at the same time you help yourself than keep this principal in mind.

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