I choose Sui Northern gas pipelines (SNGPL) for in drop session. I went there yesterday in the afternoon. As I have already done an Internship at carrion control department of SNGPL so I haven’t found any difficulty while entering to it. I said at the gate that I was an internee and have to meet Sir Hasnaat (the senior corrosion engineer). And then I asked at the reception for Sir Hasnaat said that sir is busy in meeting so I waited for him to free. After one hour the sir was free and I went straight to his office and meet him. I gave my elevator pitch. As I am in 7th semester to I can’t apply for a job there so I decided to apply for another internship in the testing lab at corrosion control department. He asked me some random question that wao after one year so have made a good resume and add a lot of new things into it. He asked me about my interest and then my favorite kind of job. I replied him. But there was a question asked by him when I told him about my future goals then he said that Tayyaba that’s great! But tell me one thing that if you want to become the head of the testing lab then what will we do with the head of the testing lab ( which we already have) ?

That was the question on which I was stuck!

At the end, I thanked him for his time and as I have already his email id so I didn’t ask for that.

One thing which I have to work on is on my questions. But overall it was really a nice experience to drop my resume in person.

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