From my early childhood, I am listening from the various people that Pakistan is not a good country and they compare Pakistan with India. It’s true that India makes rapid growth from 1990 to 2010 and tripled his GDP.but there is a big issue here which is not discussed by these people. Pakistan and India are rival country and we fought 3 wars. The people of both countries consider one another his enemy.

China is the Emerging Economy and super power in this per this point of view, Europe and America is supporting to India and providing them the funds. While on the other hand, Pakistan is lacking the funds and no one is ready to invest in the Pakistan except china.

When the subcontinent was divided, the major industries were remained in the India.2nd, the India was agreed to pay Pakistan the 750 million rupees to the Pakistan which he did not paid completely till new started form the zero % and they started form the 50 %.With the grace of the Allah almighty, the growth of Pakistan was faster as compared to the India till 1965.But in the War no body support us against India while, America and Russia both supported the India against the Pakistan and we spend all of our earning of the 18 years on the war.

After that Pakistan is facing the political instability as well as war on terror. But in spite of having such a huge issues, Pakistan has still worth in the world and exporting the a lot of the products to all over the world.

According to the Next 11 Theory, Pakistan has potential to become the world’s 18th largest economy and the GDP of the Pakistan will be above $ 3 trillion. Pakistan is better country as compared to the India because

We have earned all this as per our own efforts while India is capable of all this as per the support of the others.

ü The Unemployment in India is severing as compared to the Pakistan.

ü Pakistan is Rich with natural resources while India lacks a lot of the resources.

ü The growth of our banking sector is faster as compared to the India.

ü Our stock exchange Grow faster as compared to rest of the world between 2013–2014.

ü We are exporting cement to the India.

ü Pakistan Gives equal rights to all the minorities.

ü China is going to bring 50 $ billion investment in Pakistan.

ü Pakistan and China are going to construct the Railway line from Pakistan to China which will give boast to the Pakistan.


That’s why; we have to change our thinking pattern now and should avoid criticizing our country because the people of a nation build a strong nation.

We should to look at the positive points of the Pakistan and find the solution from them about the negative strong and work hard.

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