“biography of Edhi shb”

In his autobiography “a mirror to the blind” in chapter 2 page number 28 edhi shb wrote that “I hate failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which I believed I could win”. This saying of edhi shb shows that he uses the amal’s principles of amal and khudi. Amal and khudi are two basic principles of amal and edhi shb also uses them as in his autobiography he wrote that by continuous effort and self believe he was able to help 60 million people around the globe. Then after seeing his determination and motivation many other people stepped forward to help him for his cause and he gathered a motivated team. This shows that he also uses the amal’s principle of Ek or Ek Gayara.

I also used these principles of amal, khudi and ek or ek gayara in my life. When I got admission in uet I realized that there are many other fellows in my hometown who have potential of getting admission in leading educational institutes of Pakistan, but they do not know about these institutes. During my summer vacations I shared this with one of my friend, and then we met one of our teachers in college. He appreciated our approach and advised us to prepare a presentation on this. We prepared a presentation on the leading Pakistani universities and their admission procedures. After that he invited us to deliver that presentation to the college students to motivate them. Then we started a society with the name of Al-Faredians society of Pakpattan and invited our other fellows studying in different universities of Pakistan. In this way we were able to gather a team of 11 members. Now every year during summer vacations we visit different colleges in our hometown pakpattan and guide the students about the leading institutes of Pakistan and their admission procedures.

In this way I also used the amal’s principles of amal, khudi and ek or ek gayara. By using these golden principles we just start a project. With the passage of time we were able to learn how to proceed with this goal to make it more effective for others. Then by seeing our motivation and determination other fellows contact us to be a part of this project. Now we are working as a team to fulfill our dream of motivating the students from our hometown to get admission in leading universities of Pakistan.

What other people can learn from these experiences is that by having determination, self believe and motivation you can achieve your dreams and goals. It is very important to take initial steps if you have a goal to achieve. The key to success is continuous effort regardless of the outcomes because if you failed to achieve your goal then it will give you more experience and understanding about your skills. In this way you will be able to emerge as a more stronger and determined person and one day you will definitely be successful.