Most Exciting Tour with #Super_Fellows

At the end of session we amal family decided to make it more enjoy full and memorable. For that purpose after a lot of discussion we decided to visit Safari park, Behria town grand mosque and mini Eiffel tower at behria town. we planned to gather at main library of UET to start our journey. All of fellows were there on time and we were able to start our journey on time, which shows the excitement of fellows for this tour. There was a lot of fun and enjoyment in the bus everyone was super excited and trying to make it one of the best journey of their life. our first stay was at safari park where Mr. Jalil was our guide. Then we left for Bharia town and visited Grand Mosque and mini Eiffel Tower. At the end we went for dinner at Ravi Restaurant Johar town. main findings or learning’s from this tour was

· Decision should be taken on the basis of majority and everyone should respect the decision taken by majority.

· There should be proper planning of every visit to make it more memorable or to avoid any mishap.

· It was an equal learning experience as a guide or as a visitor.

· Try to cooperate with each other and participate as much as you can.

In this way it was a memorable tour of my life and I learned management and proper planning from it.

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