Activity#1(my #just start project)

The goal I want to achieve is being punctual in my life. It is my biggest wish to arrange my schedule in such a way that I could be able to do all my work on time and in an effective manner. Punctuality that I want to achieve is that I want to be punctual in all my daily tasks like study, sport (cricket), prayers, or any other I have planned for that day. If I will be able to achieve this task during my educational career then it will help me in my professional career as well.

Being punctual is very important in life especially when you want to achieve something big. Punctuality ultimately leads you to success. As a professional punctuality helps you to do your work, assignment or project within the given period .if you have planned something and you are able to complete it on time, then it will definitely enhance your confidence and self-determination for your next task. That’s why I have a firm believe that “if you manage to be punctual then next step is success”.

The problems that I faced during completion of this task are,

1) I was unable to plan the things accordingly because of variation in my schedule on daily basis.

2) Second problem that I faced is that I was unable to complete my tasks on time that’s why I always missed something that I have planned for that day.

To get rid of problems that I was facing during the execution of my goal,

I set three tasks as given below,

1) I started spending some time on daily basis to set my schedule for next day. It helps me to manage my time according to every task.

2) I got rid of the habit of letting something for the next day that actually I planned for today. In this way with the passage of time I was able to complete all my tasks for that day in time and in an effective manner.

3) Third thing that helps me a lot is that I started offering prayers on time. It helps me to be active and punctual in my life.

After completing these tasks I experienced that if you are determined to do something, then just start and take initial step to do so. After that with the passage of time you will be more experienced and determined. Your level of confidence, self-believe and courage will definitely increase. At the end collectively these things will help you to polish your skills. You will be more confident to face the problem in your life and power of solving the problems and hurdles will ultimately strengthen you in your practical or professional life.

From this experience I learnt that always be positive about the thing and try to face them with confidence. It will help you to become stronger in your life ahead. If you have the courage and self-believe then nothing is impossible what you are require to do is “just start”.

Now my next step is that I will carry my habit of being punctual. After few months I am looking forward to start my professional career and it will help me a lot to sort out the things. After completing this goal now I am more confident, self-believer and determined.