Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate:

By sharing knowledge it always increase you share your ideas with others and also learn from other and have the probability to improve yourself by gaining good knowledge.

keeping this thing in my mind I share some tips which I learn from Amal fellowship with my university fellow and he also mention that these are good tips and we have to learn and apply these things with in our practical life.

Find your passion and align it with your career:

It’s the basic thing in order to achieve your goals when your passion and your career both are not align you cannot carry on with that job for a long time, and you quit.

Decision are unique to each person:

IT means each person has it’s own environment and it’s own interest so each one has to take decision according to his own interest.

Own your decision:

It’s very important when ever you commit a mistake you always learn and when you take opinion from others and give importance to other opinion you never learn because it’s human nature to blame other when that was not his decision.

Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree:

Yes again if you are doubtful then you have to do an internship this will clear your mind and you will be more passionate about this if it’s according to your taste otherwise you eliminate this.

Don’t talk badly about your boss:

He mentioned this quote and said if you want to improve or learn then you just have to focus on your goals.Always it’s a bad thing to discuss individual and about their character’s with out any cause.

Take control of your relations with boss and fellows:

It’s the communication which help us to improve or relations and share our ideas with other’s and share your ideas.

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