6 mistakes you need to make.
Jon Westenberg — Startup Blogger ↗

While this is a good read, I feel that mistakes shouldn’t be something glorified and embraced. It might sound contradicting but it actually isn’t. Sure, everyone can say you regret your mistakes and will not do it again to make themselves feel better. Do that enough times and somehow it’s okay to make mistakes and pile up them. This will lead to affecting people around them and eventually a wreck that justify mistakes with a lesson won’t it? By saying it’s all right and that you will always learn something isn’t completely true. Some people can make the same mistakes or a whole bunch of them and tell themselves they learn something but continue to make them anyway. Some people know they are making a mistake but do it anyway because the consequences are not harsh enough. People are likely to repeat the same mistakes if once they overcome it then they will overcome it again second time. Good if they do but we end up with some wrecks that can never recover from some mistakes. Point is humans are not built that strong, regrets that we turn away from time to time is what make us perfect. Not embracing them and fighting them is a way to live too.