Bloody Romance — EP. 25 (ENG SUB)

Bloody Romance 2018 Ep 25 Eng-Sub
After the Tang Dynasty, the girl seven snow was abandoned by the father to sell to the brothel, and was mistakenly entered into the mysterious city under a sinister error. She struggled hard in her quests. Fortunately, she was fortunate to be a shadow of Chang’an. She was arguing in the conflict between the two sides, and because of the taboos of Yucheng, she was trapped in her inner feelings for the other side. The late Mei Nie was born again and became the new city owner of Yucheng, and all of this was in the calculation of the master and son of the behind-the-scenes.
Bloody Romance — Season 1 Episode 25 : Episode 25 
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Title : Bloody Romance
Episode Title : Episode 25
Release Date : 27 Aug 2018
Runtime : 45 minutes
Genres : Action , Drama , Mystery , Romance
Networks : Youku

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