Nitpick much?

Your response was completely off base. How did you know the author was eating fried chicken when he was typing on his keyboard? Are you clairvoyant? What am I eating right now? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with muffin. It’s a legit criticism if the new keyboard keys get stuck. In Apple’s keynote where they introduced the new MacBook, they discribed the “unique butterfly mechanism” as it was greatest revolution to typing since the qwerty keyboard. The fact that it getting stuck while typing is annoying.

Secondly, the author said that removal of the MagSafe power connector was “genuinely irritating”, not the advent of the technology was irritating. The author liked the MagSafe and was irked that is was not included in the Macbook. I think you should take some time to re-read the authors post.

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