The Last Horse Drawn Bus

When I sat down to create this simple and silly comic/zine I had one goal in mind, to finish it.

I banged it out in a few hours. The characters are wonky, the scenes look like they were drawn by a six year old but I don’t care. I wanted to create a quick and cheery story as much for myself as for other people.

We all have situations, jobs, circumstances, whatever that can make us feel trapped. Sometimes even something far worse- comfortable.

So I created Bill to represent this all too familiar daily grind. A tale as old as the written word, about technology changing society and not always for the better.

Technology in a lot of ways has made us less personal. Take a look around next time you are on bus, most people will be buried in their phones or tablets (ironic that it’s what you are doing right now). Granted the flipside of this is that it also brings people who are separated geographically together.

The Hyperloop by Elon Musk of Paypal, Tesla and Space X fame could revolutionise personal transport. It could usher in what we have been dreaming about since the 1950's, cheap, fast and efficient public transport. But we barely give a thought to all the cabbies, bus drivers and their families it would affect.

The Officers depicted at the The Ghosts office I have been led to believe actually exist. It was the first image upon which this little story is built. The idea of a government employee who turns up to work at a dark dingy office to read the paper and play some cards boggled my mind. I would imagine they could easily be forgotten by society and time. They would look out of dirty windows and watch the world go by, a slight pang of regret on an otherwise emotionless face.

This story started off as something quite negative but as I worked my way through it slowly morphed into ultimately a positive message.

“In the end jumping off a cliff is better than hanging around long enough to turn mouldy. Always do what your heart tells you and never let go of your dreams.
No matter how odd or weird (except murdering people, not cool)”.

All jobs are important. The amount of money earnt might determine economic worth but not social and the two shouldn't be connected. if Bus Drivers stopped driving or Nurses stopped nursing society would quickly grind to a halt. But lawyers? Maybe a few more blues down the pub.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think I always get a thrill when someone has taken something as precious as their time to read something I've created. Think it is the worst thing you have ever read? Tell me that too.

I'm working on my first proper (and not crappy art) graphic novel called Death of the Commons. Check it out. Either way have a tip top day.


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