The world has been running out of IPv4 addresses for some time. Podcasting may not be prepared for the inevitable IPv6 future.

IPv6 Adoption by Country, on Google in 2020


Designing a podcast client for KaiOS smart feature phones

Sscreenshots of PodLP on a Nokia 8110

JavaScript has two zeroes: -0 and +0. They are somehow both the same and different.

Using strict equality comparison, -0 and +0 are equal

A Tale of Two Zeroes

  • Abstract Equality Comparison using == aka “double equals”
  • Strict Equality Comparison using === aka “triple equals”

AWS Transit Gateway is an under-appreciated service providing secure, scalable, and maintainable connectivity between distributed services and on-premise networks.

Unifi 16Xg switch by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash

Supporting Scale

Fall Drives on Country Roads by Roberto Nickson

Beta Driven Development 🐤

Knowing how to troubleshoot tests is an essential software skill

NASA First Launch, 1950 🚀

With Proxy, you get a tiger object disguised as a cat object. Here are about half a dozen examples that I hope will convince you that Proxy provides powerful metaprogramming in Javascript.

Kitten sees a tiger in its reflection

Introduction to Proxy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A Symbol

  • User-defined symbols created with the Symbol function
  • Globally-registered symbols created with the Symbol.for function
  • Well-known symbols defined as static properties on the Symbol object

thank u, next album art

Thank u, [Symbol.iterator].next
Thank u, [Symbol.iterator].next
I’m so f****in’ grateful for this spec


Sea Salps forming natural “arrays”

So the last shall be [0], and the first [length — 1].

– Adapted from Matthew 20:16

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