Square Roots Season 2 Kicks Off

I’ve said before I am a huge fan of Kimbal Musk so it is no surprise I have been following Square Roots very closely. Applications for season 2 of Square Roots recently opened, so I wanted to take some time to look back on season 1 and some of the accomplishments that the first round of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, Nabeela Lakhani, Paul Philpott and Maxwell Carmack, from Square Roots Season 1 in Brooklyn, New York. (Picture of Paul Philpott courtesy of Ariel Lauren Wilson from Edible Manhattan Magazine).

Over the next few weeks I want to look in closer detail at some of the season 1 entrepreneurs as Square Roots prepares for the next wave of urban farmers. From the looks of it these farmers hit their goals and then some. Musk writes about some highlights on his latest post, these include but are not limited to:

Maxwell Carmack and Erik Groszyk are reinventing the way New Yorkers snack at work by helping to pioneer a novel farm-to-desk delivery program that now delivers fresh greens to over 80 office locations in the city. Meanwhile, they have experimented relentlessly, inventing new tools to improve the process of farming indoors and pushing the possibilities of food that can be grown hydroponically (Erik’s sweet Japanese turnips are a must-try!).
Nabeela Lakhani is the first “official farmer” for New York restaurant Chalk Point Kitchen — so their customers not only eat hyper-locally grown food but they get to chat with their local farmer during dinner. Meanwhile, her how-to videos have gone so viral that she now fields emails from around the world every week from people inspired to start their own urban farms.
Paul Philpott, a graduate of Green City Force (winner of former Mayor Bloomberg’s Most Innovative Non-Profit in NYC), has developed a unique social entrepreneurship model to bring nutritious greens to low income neighborhoods across New York City.

And these are only a couple of the highlights from the first year of the program that I could have gotten from that one article alone. I cant wait to get into more details and look into some other ways season 1 workers are bringing in the future of farming. Stay tuned.

Read about the new food revolution and apply to be a season 2 farmer here.


Source: https://medium.com/@kimbal/become-a-leader-in-the-real-food-revolution-apply-now-for-season-2-at-square-roots-989aca23e54b