To Go Plate: On the hook?

Taylor Bauldwin
Apr 30 · 2 min read

On the Hook? Tuna Giant Sunkist, as well as Bumble Bee and Tri-Union, is facing up to a $100 million fine (!!!!) for their role in a price fixing scheme. This slowly unfolding case of over two years will begin to wrap up this summer, which is also when the final amount of the fine will be determined.

Not So KIND. Energy bar producer KIND takes a shot at sugary competitors. The snack giant installed an installation in New York that allows guest to “see” how much and what kind of sugars are in popular snacks. Next time you snack take a second to read the label and be informed about what is on it and what isn’t. I guess KIND is saying they have nothing to hide.

Squirrel Spiked Mushroom Broth? A couple of days ago I read a really well written article over on Toronto Life. The article follows Chef David Zilber who now runs the fermentation lab at Noma, 2014’s best restaurant in the world. It’s not everyday you get to read about Squirrel Broth. Check it out.

Squirrel spiked mushroom broth. Source: Toronto Life

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Taylor Bauldwin

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