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I found this story from the front page. The title intrigued me. I had low expectations, and they were met. In 2016 I intend to focus on #ghostliness [1]. It’s that aspect of each of us that is neither body nor mind. At least, that’s what I’m calling it. There’s no good hashtag for Biblical spirituality. And that brings me to why I’m commenting on this statement. We are more than what we do! We are also what we think. That covers the body and the mind. Mens et manus. The third component of our being is our spirit. But the term spirituality has come to mean whatever the speaker says it means.

I said this article met my low expectations. Harsh? Perhaps. But I’m in a mood with very high expectations. I’ll write more later, building on what I say here and at [1].

[1] Slightly more at but I still need to flesh out more about what I mean by this hashtag.

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